Welcome to Bodytalk!

We are just a group of young women learning about who we are in this crazy world and sharing our experiences as we go along.

It would be great to add your voice to the mix!

As young black women, we intend to challenge some of our ideas of beauty, change the way we relate to ourselves and each other, ask some very important questions about who we are, share our experiences and address some ‘taboo’ topics in our communities. It’s 100% personal up in here, trust me!

Got any questions? Will love to hear from you. Get in touch!

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The Brains

Now that you know a little bit about us, time to meet the brains behind the work:

Hello! I’m Ameaka Fatima, the brains behind #BodyTalk. I’m young, black and woman.

I am a young woman, I am a learner, I am a sharer, I am a challenger. I speak for myself and nobody speaks for me. I like to talk about the things that excite me in the hopes that someone else might be moved too.

Head on over to Contributors to meet the team (If I finally get hold of their pics!)

Our Stories 

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